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Thanks for contacting MSE Productions about your music, entertainment and audio-visual needs for your upcoming special event.

Diverse Repertoire

MSE Productions provides musicians, bands, DJ’s, entertainers, and sound and lighting options for Weddings, Wedding Ceremonies, Wedding Receptions, Engagement Parties, Bat Mitzvahs, Bar Mitzvahs, House Parties, Dinners, Birthday Parties, Anniversary Parties, Baby Showers, Retirement Parties, and Holiday Parties.  MSE Productions will be the best choice for your event anywhere from Washington D.C., Northern Virginia, Maryland and more!

Proven Professionals

Not only can you be assured that we represent first-class talent, but we have a proven track record of reliability and professionalism so that you can spend time with your guests and enjoy your event. Additionally, we don’t just book the talent.  Prior to your event we will discuss all details such as your song requests or timeline details so all will flow as you envision on your special day.

True to Form

For background music we guarantee that the music will be at an appropriate volume level to allow for conversation.  For dance music, the music will also be at the correct volume level and won’t be too loud. For Mitzvahs, we will offer both game and song suggestions and you can let us know how interactive you want your DJ or band to perform. For themed parties, our genuine costuming or authentic music will remain true to your motif.

Themed for Success

For wedding ceremonies we will recommend processional or recessional song choices and suggest the ideal sound system for all to hear the celebration.  For wedding receptions we will offer song options for the First Dance, Bride-Father Dance, and Groom-Mother Dance as well as for other special moments.  For up lighting we will discuss customized color options to match your linens or flower arrangements.


Helpful Tools: Wedding “Day of” Planner

Download our printable PDF Wedding “day of” Planner or the Word Document. We use this form to help imagine your day, and provide the coordinator all necessary details to make your day perfect!

These are some of the reasons why MSE Productions is one of the area’s top-ranking entertainment agencies. We hope to add you to our list of happy clients!

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