Strolling Musicians - Violin, Guitar, Accordion, Bass and More!

Our Strolling Musicians will impress and provide another level of elegance to your event!  Whether a solo violinist, a trio of violin, guitar or accordion and bass, a strolling jazz combo or 24 violinists, the impressive visuals and music will literally set the tone of your event.  The musicians can either perform in one location all evening, such as performing on a grand staircase or stage, they can relocate to different areas of your venue as needed, or can serenade your guests at their dinner tables as the musicians stroll throughout the dining area. If you like, the musicians can go from table to table and take your guest’s requests serenading the guests as they dine.  Our Strolling Musicians are perfect for any event no matter where it is taking place such as Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia and more!

Some of our Theme Bands such as Mariachis, French, German or Italian bands as well as some of our Jazz & Swing Bands such as Key Bridge, the Autumn Trio or the Classic Jazz Trio can stroll with their acoustic instruments and easily relocate as needed. If the musicians require amplification, they can use battery powered instrument amplifiers which allow them to perform anywhere and to quickly move. For larger events, a professional sound system with wireless microphones can be provided.

Please contact us if there are any questions or to book any of our Strolling Musicians.