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Sound & Lights

by Apr 29, 2015

The Sound

You want the sound to be crystal clear for speeches, not too loud for guests so that they can easily converse, and at a full and dynamic level for dancing.

A Dance Band or a DJ will provide a sound system and it is included in the quoted rate. However, if your event is being held in a very large or acoustically challenging venue, we may recommend augmenting the sound with additional speakers with an on-site sound crew to tweak the sound board to produce the best overall sound.

In a very long ballroom, in a tent, or for a very large number of guests, satellite speakers on a delay system intermittently spaced will provide for intelligibility of speech for all attending at an even volume level.

For your Corporate Presentation, Awards Gala, Panel Discussion, Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, Auction, Political, Dedication or Retirement event, we will guarantee that all will be able to hear your company message perfectly. In addition to offering wireless handheld and wired microphones we also offer clear acrylic podiums with podium microphones and staging when needed.  If the media need an audio feed we can provide press multiple outputs.

For a wedding ceremony, you might want to consider a two speaker sound system with a wireless lavalier microphone for the officiant and a wireless handheld microphone on a microphone stand for any readers. Your guests won’t have to strain to hear your wedding, especially those who are sitting in the back row!

National Artists use our audio team and equipment because they know they will receive the sound that meets their exacting requirements. Over the years, we have provided sound for Artists such as Chicago, Chuck Berry, Kenny Rogers, Jennifer Holliday, Lee Greenwood, Jim Belushi & The Sacred Hearts Band and The Beach Boys to name a few.

Whether for an event for 100 or 2,500 people we will provide the perfect sound system for your event!

The Lighting

Many lighting options are available to help you decide what is the perfect lighting for your event no matter the location, Washington D.C., Maryland, or Virginia! We offer customized packages for our clients whether that is stage lighting for a dance band, show lighting for a National Act, DJ lighting effects for dancing, programmable wireless RGB LED up lighting in a ballroom or museum, pin spot lighting to highlight dinner tables, gobo lighting with your company logo or a special design, or a fiber optic curtain for the ultimate backdrop for your event.

A two color wash using soft pinks and light lavender can help to set the ambience on the dance floor. When dancing, the guests will look even more attractive and healthy, with a light amber accent flattering the look of the guests.

Up lighting can add a dramatic look against a wall or a marble column. Highlighting tables with pin spots is a popular option that helps to showcase your event.

One can add interesting patterns on to the dance floor with textured light and multiple colors using gobos, providing various patterns such as sunlight or moonlight filtering through trees, leaves and branches, providing a dappled interplay of shadow and light. This will provide a beautiful and inviting effect. Or for a corporate event, one can display your company logo on the backdrop or on a red carpet for an impressive presentation.

As the reception progresses and guests dance more, one might want to use lighting to complement the music and to enhance the festive mood. Intelligent lighting offers the versatility to provide the above sophisticated ambience, but later in the evening it can provide the opportunity to add visual interest and excitement with fast moving lights when the upbeat music is being played, and slower washes and patterns when slower music is being played. A lighting technician is on-site to operate the lights so that the lighting changes at the appropriate times.

For a wedding reception, as the bride and groom are introduced, stars are slowly going around the ballroom. Lavender and soft pink lighting follow them as they move to the dance floor, where a prismatic pattern rotates slowly on the dance floor, with soft colors fading in and out help to further make the First Dance more memorable.

The rates for lighting will vary depending upon the design, amount required, when access to the venue is available, how much time is available for set up, and the number of crew members needed to set up lights, to name a few. Please contact us to receive a customized quote.

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