Dance Bands

Our Dance Bands can play a variety of music from classic songs to Today’s Top 40.  You can let us know if you have any songs that are “must plays” or “don’t plays!” Our experienced bands will read the crowd and play the ideal music at the right time to get everyone on the dance floor.  When it is time to play background music, it will be at a conversational volume level.  If you want specific announcements, a member of the band can act as a master of ceremonies.  If you do not want any announcements, then none will be made.  Dance Bands range in size from four to fifteen musicians.  In selecting a dance band, below are some things to consider.

  • Do you want a horn section?
  • Do you want both male and female vocals?
  • Do you want a showier band with a choreographed front line?
  • How big is the venue and how many guests will be attending?
  • Do you have a certain budget for music?

The answers to these questions, as well as availability, will help you decide the perfect band for your gala, wedding, convention or party. Below are some of the dance bands that we represent.  Additionally, once you provide us with your venue date, hours, budget and band size and style we will provide rates and links for other available bands.  Most of our bands are based in the Washington D.C. Metro Area, the DMV, Virginia, and Maryland areas but we work with bands throughout the United States as well.