Escapade is a dance and show experience you will not forget. “Awesome” and “Unbelievable” are often heard descriptions of their performance. Imagine 10 people on stage with more energy than a freight train. Escapade’s rhythm section is a driving wall of high energy accented by horns and percussion. Seven voices, all representing different styles deliver hits ranging from r&b to disco, classic rock to funk.


And Escapade is as enjoyable to watch as they are to listen to. The band looks like they’re having as much fun as the crowd. Speaking of the crowd – they are an integral part of Escapade’s show. The performing artists of Escapade know that for the audience to have an entertaining experience, they have to be involved. Escapade is more than a show and dance band, It’s an experience!  Fun for everyone at your next event anywhere in Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia, and more!


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