String Attack was honored to be chosen to perform at the National Museum of American History for their debut event atop the museum’s 5th floor terrace.  The event was held on the this terrace to show and celebrate that the terrace is now open and available for corporate events, weddings and more!

The view on top of the terrace covers everything from the Capital to the Lincoln Memorial and everything in between.  The sunsets provide absolutely gorgeous views and picturesque photo backdrops as you can see in these photos. How can you plan your next event and not picture it with this gorgeous backdrop?!

Flag Hall, the Wallace H. Coulter Unity Square, and the Presidential Reception Suite are all additional indoor spaces throughout the museum that are open for events as well.  These spaces are right in the midst of the historical treasures that the museum holds dear.

The Special Events Team ( is always a wonderfully welcoming and gracious host to MSE Productions. Please follow the link above to be directed to their website for more information on the museum space.  We think that it is an honor to work with them and you should too! Looking forward to many more lovely events and future weddings at the museum! #EventsAtAmericanHistory